Parish History

Parish History

On June 22, 1968, Bishop Fulton Sheen appointed that Fr. Elmer J. McDonald pastors a new parish to be located on 15 acres of land on the corner of King Rd. and Union St. in North Chili.   

Until the building was built, services were conducted at the North Chili Medical Building.   

On August 30th, St. Christopher (Christ bearer) was selected as the patron saint of the new parish. 

The ground breaking ceremony was held on October 26, 1969, and more than 600 people attended the event!  Committees were then formed that would facilitate various meetings and activities. 

On January 30, 1971, the first Mass was celebrated in the permanent home of St. Christopher's Parish Community. 




Since the beginning of our Parish journey, it has been our vision to create a warm, nurturing community that works to embrace all in an atmosphere of Christ's love and care.  It is our desire to walk with you towards a deeper relationship with the Lord and become living witnesses of His love. 

 We pray that you will join us for the present and future of our Parish journey!​​​​​​​