Faith Formation 

St. Christopher’s Family Faith Formation Overview

The family faith formation model supports the development of the domestic church, it’s traditions and practices, through assisting parents as their child’s primary and most important teacher.

Benefits of a Home-Based Model

· Parents and children experience meaningful moments of faith sharing. Multiple studies show the correlation of a child’s continued commitment to their religion is largely and significantly based on what is modeled by their parents.

· Each family can take sessions at their own pace and time, allowing for greater understanding in the long term. This home-based model easily allows for various and busy family schedules.

· Adult formation and reinforcement happens at the same time the children are learning.

Features of a Home-Based Model

· All required materials and lessons will be available to be picked up and/or emailed to be accessed online.

· Pick up days are typically Sunday each month after the 10:00 Mass. Specific dates will be announced.

· Specifically planned lessons and activities will engage families to help understand topics, foster creativity to make connections and encourage fun instead of too much book work.

· Activities and lessons are logical and easy to follow with necessary directions and supplies included.

· Lessons and activities help families to deepen their relationships with one another and with Jesus Christ.

· The weekly newsletter The Family Zone, is available on St. Christopher’s website and Flocknotes. This informative newsletter is a liturgy-based “playlist” of learning options that, along with required lessons and materials, can be easily accessed and utilized by all families at any time.

· Various service and community outreach projects take place each month. These types of hands-on, learning and giving opportunities help children think about and help others. Along with their families, children are able to live their faith through their visible and tangible actions.

· In-person retreats and events will be held throughout the year.

*Please contact [email protected] for more information


Liturgy of the Word (LOW): (DUE TO COVID GUIDELINES, LOW is currently on hold)

LOW is a great opportunity for the children of the parish to participate in the weekly Gospel message in a hands-on and age appropriate environment.  LOW is offered during most masses throughout the Faith Formation year.  If your children wish to attend, please have them follow the LOW leader during the church procession.  They will proceed to a Faith Formation classroom and return to Mass after the homily.  No registration is needed, and children can participate whenever they choose.

Summer Program:

Our summer program is a one-week event that is filled with fun and faith for Pre-K through 7th grade.  After 7th grade, teens are welcome and encouraged to join our team!  

Music Ministry

St. Christopher’s is very fortunate to have a variety of musical groups supporting our Music Ministries.  Each group is led by capable, dedicated musicians that enable the full, conscious, and active participation of all those attending Mass.

Currently, we have a Choir, Folk Group and Contemporary Group for our masses, and a Peace Choir to accompany funerals. Each summer, we perform a Broadway concert open to anyone to participate in.   

If you would to join us or need additional information, please contact Eric at [email protected]


RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.  If you would like more information on joining the Catholic Church as an adult, please contact Faith Formation at 585-594-1400.

Liturgical Ministers

We have a wonderful team of Liturgical Ministers, and we'd love for you to join our ministry!  The following ministries are available.  There is an annual training for certain ministries.  If you're interested in serving in any of these areas, please call Mary (594-1400) or email her ([email protected]).


Liturgy Committee



Altar Server

Eucharistic Minister

Minister of Hospitality

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Music Ministry

Eucharia Ministry

Eucharia Ministry is a knitting and crocheting ministry here at St. Christopher’s that creates blankets, shrugs, hats, scarves, and other items for those in need. We were founded in 2004 by Chris McCabe and Marlene Paine in memory of Sr. Carol Fox. “Eucharia” was the name Sr. Carol chose when she professed her final vows as a Sister of Mercy because of her deep love for the Eucharist. The ministry started with 19 members and has grown to more than 30 and includes women, men, and several out-of-town members. Vivian McManus and Mary Uzialko, our original members, welcome you to come join us.

In the early days items made by the group were donated to St. Mary’s Oncology because that is where St. Carol received treatment after her cancer diagnosis. We currently donate items to over 40 local organizations, including making blankets for babies baptized at St. Christopher’s. We always have something going on! Don’t knit or crochet? We can use help sewing pillows for patients undergoing dialysis, chemo, or other treatments. We have a pattern and will get you started. Perhaps you might consider purchasing 60” X 72” fleece tie blanket kits to do at home. There is a growing need for large blankets, which take a long time to knit and crochet. We can always use donations of yarn or gift cards to support our crafters. If you want to join us but have not had much luck in the past learning to knit or crochet, we have knitting looms and have recently purchased machine looms. We would be glad to show you how they work!

We meet in the Faith Formation building almost every Monday from 10 AM to noon to work on new stitches and projects. We would love to have new members join us! If you prefer to work from home we are happy to pick up your items. Please call Sheila Beers (764-9189) or Joanna Aguglia (594-9378) if you have any questions.

Human Services Ministry

The Human Services Ministries Team's mission is:  As disciples of Christ, we educate and challenge parishioners to address the human, spiritual, and social justice needs in our community, reaching out to serve each other and those less fortunate.  Our current ministries are:  monthly food drives, Advent collections for families in need, partnership with community organizations, social justice seminars, public policy advocacy, outreach to shut-ins and those in special need, assisting with home projects for those aging at home and single mom's, Lenten projects focusing on global needs.  

Buildings and Grounds

Many parishioners may not know but, St. Christopher Church has a Building and Grounds (B&G) committee. It functions to advise Fr. Mike and the Parish Council concerning items dealing with the Church property and buildings. This entails some work.

The B&G does quarterly inspections required by the Diocese of Rochester. These inspections let the Diocese and us know if anything needs to be repaired or upgraded. However, the B&G responsibility goes beyond the inspections.

When the Church roof was damaged due to the wind storm several years ago, the B&G got quotes for the repairs and, once the quote was issued, oversaw the work. And, more recently, the lights upgrade in the Church was another B&G project. We also have worked with Lori Murtaugh in orchestrating fixing up the property and cleaning up the Church with the Faith Formation students and their families.

The B&G also endeavors to save the Parish money. We scrutinize all the quotes to make sure that we are getting the best deal. When Deacon Dave was here and chairperson of the B&G, the ash trees were cut and removed by B&G members, minor repairs were made, and painting was done, all for only the cost of materials.

Now though, we need members for the B&G Committee. Most of the current members are retired and it is difficult to get help with projects. New, younger members are needed. It doesn’t matter what your skill set is; you’d be surprised at how much you know and can help. Please consider it as a ministry for the Church. For more information, please contact Dino at: [email protected]