Spead Kindness

Spread Kindness



Good (evening/morning), my name is Dee Milner and I’m here as a member of the Liturgy Committee to introduce an idea that we have planned which ties into the Epiphany.

You may have noticed the gift boxes at the entrance(s) (There will be some at the main entrance as well as the back hallway) to Church. These packages represent precious gifts which cost nothing, are always a perfect fit, are easy to obtain and are much appreciated by those to whom they are given. Just as the Magi brought their most precious gifts to the Christ Child, we are asking everyone (children and adults) to give gifts of kindness, courtesy, respect, tolerance, patience, etc. to people with whom you come in contact…at home, work, school, shopping…friends and strangers alike. During the

Christmas season, there is more thought given to such acts of kindness and generosity, and it would be a good thing if these attitudes continued throughout the year. This is not a new idea, but we felt that to counter attitudes of frustration, anger and rudeness, each of us can instead spread attitudes of kindness by our actions and words.

During this coming week, please take note of any acts of kindness ---those you have done, those you have received and those you have witnessed. At next weekend’s Masses, slips of paper will be available for you to write about these acts of kindness (please so not sign them). There will be a gift bag near the Creche where you can deposit them. Another option is to share your experiences electronically on Flocknotes. The following week, we will have these acts of kindness published and shown on our screen so that we all can see the love and kindness we have for others.

There are details of this plan on Flocknotes and on our website.

Thank you for your kind attention. Kindness is within you…pass it on.

Jan. 8/9 - Papers will be available in Church for parishioners to record acts of kindness (unsigned).  There will be several places for these to be deposited.  Another option will be to record acts of kindness on Flocknotes.

Jan. 15/16 - List of acts of kindness will be displayed on the Church monitor.