​​​​​St. Christopher's

Diocese of Rochester, NY

Young Adult Ministry

Interested in a Lenten Retreat?

There will be one at Roberts Wesleyan College on March 15-17. The bulk of the meeting time will be on Saturday, March 16. We will introduce ourselves in a brief meeting Friday night and end at St. Christopher's Church on Sunday at the 11:00 Mass. We will be learning about the lives of Saints Francis and Claire. Hope to see you there! Questions? contact Katie Amann.


Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.

~ George Bernard Shaw

Masses at Roberts Wesleyan College: the 4th Wednesday of each month at noon in the seminary chapel/prayer room (4th floor of the seminary). Next Mass: February 27, 2019.

Book Club for Lent!

Join the Roberts Students in a Lenten online book club. Sr. Caryn Cook will be leading us.

Contact Katie (katie.amann@dor.org)with your email address so we can send you a link to ZOOM in on Sunday nights at 7:00.

Young Adult Group Meetings:

Are you interested in meeting with other young adults in the area?

Social activities?

Service projects?

Join us every other Tuesday in the fireside lounge at Roberts Wesleyan College!

Contact Katie (katie.amann@dor.org) for more information or directions.

We have an irregular schedule due to February break. The next meetings are February 26 and March 5th.