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Diocese of Rochester, NY


Because of the concern for Covid-19 potential exposure, state guidelines and diocesan requests, the staff in the St. Christopher's business office will be working remotely, but still available to serve our parishoners' needs to the best of our abilities. If you need to contact the office please do so by e-mail nstchris@dor.org or phone 585-594-1400 ext. 100. Karen will not be in the office until further notice. Please be safe but remember we are here for you!

The card ministry meeting will be cancelled for April but we hope to resume May 6th.

The March 30th Liturgy Meeting is cancelled.

Father Mike highly recommends this resources that is currently free for 40 days.
“Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors for Christ.”
— Pope Saint John Paul II
Now more than ever, we must hold fast to the great virtue of Hope. 
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Today’s message from Pope Francis was quite powerful. The Papal Urbi et Orbi Meditation.  Please take a minute to read his words during a difficult time HERE.

Bishop Matano grants dispensation from Lenten meat abstinence 


Live stream: The Catholic Courier will be livestreaming Bishop Salvatore R. Matano's celebration of Mass for the Fifth Sunday of Lent at 11 a.m. on Sunday, March 29.

March 20 Letter from Father Mike:

Dear Parishioners,
During this time of caution in preventing the spread of the Corona virus, let us consider the reflection and prayers of Archbishop José H. Gomez, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “With the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, we are confronted once more with the fragility of our lives, and again we are reminded of our common humanity — that the peoples of this world are our brothers and sisters, that we are all one family under God.

God does not abandon us he goes with us even now in this time of trial and testing. In this moment, it is important for us to anchor our hearts in the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. Now is the time to intensify our prayers and sacrifices for the love of God and the love of our neighbor. Let us draw closer to one another in our love for him and rediscover the things that truly matter in our lives.”

As Masses throughout the Diocese are suspended, please know that I will remember you in my private celebration of daily Mass, and I ask for your continued prayers. I encourage you to participate in Mass by viewing it on TV or livestream. You will find a listing of options on the Courier’s Website at


And please visit our parish website http://www.stchristophersnchili.org/  and, you can  follow St. Christopher’s on Facebook for updates to stay in touch. 

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This is also a good time to remind ourselves of the important principles of stewardship, which will keep our parish vibrant during this difficult time. Through stewardship, we thank God for all our blessings by returning to God a portion of the time, talent, and treasure given to us.  Your financial support of St. Christopher’s Church is vitally important, perhaps more important than ever, during this period of uncertainty.  Even though you will not attend Mass physically or be able to place your envelope in the collection basket, our financial obligations as a faith community will continue.

I humbly request that you maintain your weekly offering to St. Christopher’s through one of the following methods:

• Set up an electronic transfer (ETF) from your bank account with OSV (Our Sunday Visitor) the parish’s online giving portal.  Use the link below and click on create a newaccount. (This is the preferred way to give because it will be deposited directly into St. Christopher’s account. 
• Set up an ACH funds transfer from your existing account with SPX fcu to the church/parish account.  Please contact SPX fcu to set this up.• Or, you may establish an automatic payment with your bank through its online banking function.  Please contact your bank for more details.• Mail your check to:• St. Christopher Church
3350 Union St. P.O. Box 399
North Chili, N.Y. 14514
Please include your name, address and envelope number with your check.

• Kindly do not mail cash.  
If you wish to make your gift to the CMA online, you may visit www.dor.org/cma.  You may also text your CMA gift.  Please go to www.dor.org/giving/text-to-give for more details.
Thank you for your prayers.  And thank you for your continued and ongoing stewardship and generosity to our parish community and our Diocese.  We will get through this challenging time together.
Respectfully yours in Christ,
Fr. Mike

March 27th Letter from Father Mike:

Hello Everyone,

I do hope you are all well. Be assured you are remembered in my prayers at Mass and during the day. A few days ago I was talking to my Mom and amidst her concerns for this Pandemic she asked me how I was and what did I do all day. Was I bored? In all honesty I had to say no. She knows I enjoy being alone and quiet. I enjoy reading, music and especially having the time to do things that I haven’t had a chance to do. One of these things is having extended conversations with family and friends that I’m usually too tired to do in the evenings. The other is praying all hours of the day because I really have no schedule right now. I told my Mom before the world went into panic mode, we seemed to have forgotten that God was with us before this and will see us through this. The important question is: “Are we with Him?” Grant it, things will not be the same after this but what was our relationship with God like prior to this outbreak? What were some of the things He brought us through personally as well as our families and friends? Have we forgotten the many graces and blessings already?

My Mom always talks about Our Blessed Mother. How many times Mary couldn’t have known what to do. She was in a precarious situation and all she could do was trust and wait and pray. She had St. Joseph to protect her and obviously a very strong and resilient faith. I told Mom, Mary’s faith was her parents’ faith, Sts. Joachim and Anne. Their faith was their ancestor’s faith. Imagine, the centuries, the years between Mary and the Israelites waiting that night in their homes with no idea what was to come. That Passover night when they were instructed to be still in their homes, mark their doors because liberation and freedom were at hand. They had witnessed suffering and pain, fear, pestilence and all the joys and sadness that came with life. But God was watching and waiting for the appointed time. Moses had been prepared to lead and guide. No easy thing at any time in life but it seems God always shows himself despite our fear, anxiety, doubt and disillusionment.

Our homes now have to be marked by faith and trust. Our homes have to be marked by love and obedience. Yes, we must pay close attention to Church and Civil authorities for our safety and protection. All of this is extremely important but even though, unfortunately we can’t gather in our Churches to pray, that shouldn’t stop us from praying at home. Spend time even if it’s just sitting quietly by yourself or with loved ones. We don’t always have to be busy. Remember where two or more are gathered……

As I’m finishing up now I have a thought. As a parish can we pray together? I’m thinking that no matter what we’re doing let’s stop and pray a prayer that’s part of our Catholic tradition. It’s called the Angelus. 

Instructions for praying the Angelus can be found at http://www.catholicdigest.com/faith/prayer/praying-the-angelus/

What do you think? 12pm every day, TOGETHER.
Blessings to everyone,

Father Michael