​​​​​St. Christopher's

Diocese of Rochester, NY

Vacation Bible School

Shipwrecked VBS 2018!   July 16-20, 2018​

Join us for a week of fun, games, crafts, prayer, service, music, and learning about how Jesus rescues us! 

Here are our VBS classes...

Note: We put students in groups based on the grade they finished in June 2018, NOT the grade they're going into.

- PreK-K (minimum of 3 years old) 

- Grades 1-2

- Grades 3-4

- Grades 5-7 = SUNRISE Group

Note: SUNRISE group does some programming, some leadership exercises, and some volunteer work.  This is a way for them to get hands on training before becoming volunteers!

CLICK HERE to Register your children in grades PreK-7

CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer (8th Grade and up / Adults) 

Note: Students can begin to volunteer if they just completed 8th grade in June 2018.  If they're going into 8th Grade, they register for the SUNRISE group on the first form.