​​​​​​​​Fr. Bob Gaudio - Pastor
I was appointed as the St. Christopher's pastor 15 years ago.  I have had a delightful time in my time serving.  I love what I do here because it is a wonderful and warm community which I find very nurturing in my life as a priest.  My favorite food is...well, I'm Italian, so I'll let you guess from there!

​​Deacon Dave Kepler - Deacon
I am married 34 years to my bride Robin.  She is secretary at St. Johns church Spencerport, where we are registered.  We have 2 grown kids, Allison and Joe, but no grandkids yet.  We live in Parma.  I have the privilege of preaching at St. Christopher’s, leading communion services occasionally, assisting at weekend masses funerals and baptisms, chairing the Human Services and Building and Grounds committees.  I also visit shut-in and hospitalized parishioners occasionally.  Involvement in RCIA and confirmation round out my duties.  Outside of St. Christopher’s, I volunteer at St. Michael’s woodshop twice a week.  There I often fix the machines and try to develop relationships with the inner-city youth and maybe teach them some woodworking skills.  I am retired from my job as technician/electrician but I do some volunteer maintenance work for the parish to keep me out of trouble.  There are not many foods I don’t like, but scallops make me sick so I keep away from them.  I love my work at St. Christopher's because I get to see your smilin-g faces every Sunday and find out what is going on in your lives.

​Karen Curtis - Parish Secretary
I am married to my wonderful husband of 23 plus years.  We have 2 beautiful daughters that are in college. I have worked at St. Christopher since 2007, first as Faith Formation Secretary and now as the parish secretary. The thing that I love most about this parish is the people who make up St. Christopher's, the parishioners and the staff! I have never worked with a more friendly and supportive group of people.  I could not be more happy to help serve the parish in my role as secretary.

Shawn Fannon - Maintenance

Shawn joins us from St. John's in Spencerport. We will interview him soon to tell you more about him. So far, we can say with confidence, Shawn is a good worker!

Vivian McManus - Housekeeper
I retired from Xerox in 1993 (30 years).  My husband and I had seven children - 3 sons and 4 daughters.  We lost one son at 29 and one daughter at 50.  We have belonged to St. Christopher's for many years.  I have been the housekeeper at the rectory for 16 years and cleaning the church proper half of that time.  I am in the folk group, peace choir, and Eucharia, and just love it.  My favorite food is good old mac and cheese.  I love working at St. Christopher's, the people are really great and I get such a good feeling when my work is done.

Kathy Osterberg - Regional Finance Director
My name is Kathryn Osterberg.  I’ve lived in North Chili for most of my adult life.  I was born and raised in the Town of Tonawanda.  Like many of my peers, a job, in this case a position with Eastman Kodak, brought me to the Rochester area in my late teens.  My three grown children and their families love it here and we plan to stay.  Besides being the Business Manager for St. Christopher’s, if you go to the 4:30 Mass on Saturdays, you will probably see me helping in some capacity.  Over the years, from Sacristan to Eucharistic Minister to Server, I have been an active member along with being involved with the Finance and Stewardship committees.  Why do I do it?  Simple, I love my parish.  I like giving back because I and my children have received so much from St. Christopher’s.  Religious education, preparation for the sacraments, and an understanding heart helped me raise some pretty great kids and get through some pretty tough times.  In addition to my responsibilities as a business manager, I work for BOCES-2 as a student behavioral assistant (SBA).  The students I work with all have an autism diagnosis.  To me, they’re children/ teenagers first and foremost.  I enjoy my work and feel very blessed to be able to share my one-on-one student’s journey even though it may only be for one or two grades.  In the end, I know I couldn’t do all the things that I do without the help and support from my parish family.  Thank you, St. Christopher’s.

​Pat McGill - Music Ministry
I have been a parishioner at St. Christopher's since 1969.  I direct and play guitar for the adult folk group for the 9:00am Mass.  My husband (Tom) and I have three adult children and four grandchildren.  I love coordinating music with the readings of the liturgy, and I enjoy being surrounded by such talented musicians in the folk group.  In the folk group we have become a supportive group of people.  My favorite food is hot fudge sundaes!

​​Lori Murtaugh - Faith Formation Coordinator
My family and I have been long time members of St. Christopher’s Church, and I had the opportunity to become coordinator faith formation.  During the school year, I also teach, which I’ve done since our youngest son started kindergarten.  My husband Tim and I are lucky to have three terrific kids, Michael, Andrew, and Collin who are the joy of our lives!  I enjoy my work at St. Christopher’s because I get to meet and know many children and families, I’m blessed to work with some really amazing people and I have a chance to see many from our parish community give so unselfishly of themselves day after day. I hold such respect and am so grateful for all of their time and talents. ♥ As for food, I pretty much love all food… except meat loaf and anchovies!

​Eric Traugott - Music Ministry
I have been a member of St. Christopher's for over 25 years.  I live in Chili with my wife, Gretchen, and sons, Ben and Jeremy.  I am currently Youth/Young Adult Music Minister.  I also teach music at Durand Eastman Intermediate School and direct many musicals in the area.  My favorite food is Italian food.  I love my work at St. Christopher's because I get to share what I love to do with people of all ages.

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