​​​​​St. Christopher's

Diocese of Rochester, NY


So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.                                                       Matthew 16:6

Congratulations on your engagement!

We are delighted that you have chosen to celebrate your marriage at St. Christopher's.  These months of preparation for your marriage will be busy and exciting.  While your engagement and all its festivities are significant parts of your marriage celebration, the Marriage Ceremony is the center of Christian celebration. The prayers, Scripture readings, vows, giving and receiving of rings, music, and nuptial blessing- all of these, are an expression of both your faith in God and each other.

Please call the rectory at (585) 594-1400 to set a date.  After that, your contact information will be sent along to a staff member that will guide you through the planning process.

Church Fee: $150
Musician Fees: $60-150 - this fee includes warming up, playing for the service, and accompanying the parish cantor. Please note, the parish's primary musician is expected to be the musician for that community's weddings. However, if that person can't play the family may choose an outside musician. The family will be responsible to pay the outside musician directly.
Cantor: $30-130 Fee could be higher if cantor is also the soloist.

Please check the Diocese of Rochester website for the Diocese of Rochester marriage information including planning steps, important resources, and Pre-Cana information.