​​​​​St. Christopher's

Diocese of Rochester, NY

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RECTORY                                  (585) 594-1400


FAITH FORMATION OFFICE       (585) 594-1441


Parochial Administrator - Fr. Michael Upson - Fr.Michael.Upson@dor.org

Deacon - Deacon Dave Kepler - dave.kepler@dor.org

Parish Secretary - Mary Lionetti- mary.lionetti@dor.org

Regional Finance Director - Kathy Osterberg - kathy.osterberg@dor.org

​Maintenance - Shawn Fannon- please call (585) 594-1400

Faith Formation - Lori Murtaugh - lori.murtaugh@dor.org

Music Director/Youth and Young Adult Music Minister- Eric Traugott- eric.traugott@dor.org

Folk Group Music Minister - Pat McGill - pat.mcgill@dor.org

Choir Music Minister- Jeanne Colleluori- twocoolparents@yahoo.com


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