Here is a list of the committees and outreach groups in our parish family.  If you're interested in joining any of these groups, contact the rectory at (585) 594-1400 or nstchris@dor.org.

 Buildings & Grounds - Plans and implements a maintenance program for the parish properties.  They also handle small repairs including painting, basic carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.

 Eucharia - This team knits and crochets lap blankets, hats, shrugs, and blankets for patients undergoing chemotherapy or are in hospice/comfort care homes. They also create items for other great causes.  They meet the third Saturday of each month.

 Family Life - The family life committee is committed to providing fun events for the whole family to join in.  Please watch the bulletin for details.

 Finance - This group is knowledgeable in business, finance, law, accounting, insurance, etc., along with persons from the parish at large.  They come together to contribute the needed administrative skills and support and sustain the parish family and the variety of ministries carried on by the parish.

 Human Services - This group reaches out to the human, spiritual, and social justice needs of those within the parish family and in the broader sense, to all members of God's family.  Some of the programs are: clothing and food collections, Christmas Tree of Light.  In addition to these direct services, we support Free to Fly (F2F) which seeks to help the working poor.  Click here for the St. Christopher's Human Services page.

 Lazarus - This team prepares a food spread for after funerals in the church.  You will be given a choice of whether or not you'd like to have food ready for your family and friends.

 Liturgy - This group is composed of members of our community who, through prayer and education, seek to strengthen and enrich the faith life of out parish as expressed in our worship.

 New Parishioner Welcoming Team - This group welcomes new members of our fantastic parish.  Some members write letters to welcome parishioners with a personal connection.  Others meet people face to face by visiting our new members at home for a friendly chat.  If you are interested in helping out in any way, please contact Deacon Dave.

 Parish Council - Works to provide a structure for implementing the pastoral mission of Christ and the Church to all people within its reach.  Click Here for Parish Council minutes.

​ Stewardship - This team supports our Parish Community by enhancing Stewardship at St. Christopher's. That is our mutual sharing of Time, Talent, and Treasure.  They do this mainly by communicating the needs of the Parish Community to the various Ministries and Staff at St. Christopher's.  In turn, we also communicate the opportunities at St. Christopher's to the Parish Community.  These opportunities include serving in the various ministries as a member of a team, committee, or a project.


For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.                                   Matthew 25: 35-40

​​​​​St. Christopher's

Diocese of Rochester, NY

Parish Committees and Outreach